Augusto Artur Antonio Da Silva

Augusto Artur Antonio Da Silva

Secretary General AGC

Mr. Augusto Artur Antonio Da Silva is an ambassador who started his diplomatic career in 2008. His area of expertise are Management of Halieutic Resources ; Maritimes Affairs ; Management of Human Resources ; Human Relations and Communication ; International relationship ; Cooperation and Development.

Mr. Da SILVA is a graduate in halieutic engineering from the Rural Federal University of  Pernambuco in Brazil. He holds as well a post university diploma in the University of Hull in England and a Maritime business administration degree at the school of marine business administration in Bordeaux, France.

He started his career in May 1983 as an Halieutic engineer in the Tecnical Direction of Mixte society of fisheries « Estrela do Mar » in Guinea-Bissau. Between 1983 to 1986, he was the Director of industrial fisheries in Guinea-Bissau and over the years he has assumed many positions such as Project Director, planning and statistics in the Fisheries Ministry of Guinea-Bissau ; Director of the Department of Maritime surveillance ; Minister of Fisheries ; Minister of National Defense ; Minister of National Education, Culture, Science, Youth and Sports ; Diplomatic Advisor of the Prime Minister ; Minister of Foreign Affairs, International Cooperation and Community and then Prime Minister of Guinea-Bissau.

Mr. da Silva has been appointed Secretary General of the AGC on May 2018.