60 Seconds with Dr Chenners C.H. Fan

The CPC E&P Business Division Deputy CEO will be speaking at AOW 2020.

Dr Chenners C.H. Fan has been Deputy CEO of the Exploration and Production Business Division of CPC Corporation, Taiwan (EPBD CPC) since 2019. Before, he was the Manager of the Department of Drilling & Production, Exploration and Development at CPC’s Research Institute from 2013 to 2015 and Director of Overseas Operations of EPBD CPC in 2017.

After completing a PhD Program at the Department of Geological Science at University College (University of London) in 1994, Dr Fan became the Exploration Manager of OPIC Africa Corporation (or OPIC Africa) from 1999 to 2000. He was then promoted to the VP Operations of OPIC Africa from 2015 to 2017.
Dr Fan is a well-experienced veteran on the investment and management of international hydrocarbons exploitation.

We’re pleased to announce that Dr Fan will be joining us at a speaker at AOW 2020, participating in a session within the Exploration Technology Forum.
Q: Why should people come and see you speak at AOW 2020?
A: In 2019, many African countries promulgated new petroleum laws, which universally provide investment incentives to marginal oil fields. The technology which I am going to present will provide a cost-effective way to develop marginal oil fields and will definitely attract investors keen to understand the know-how.
Q: What is this year’s most exciting African oil and gas story?
A: The start of the construction of the Rovuma LNG Project in Mozambique which will help the balance of the industrial development among eastern and western coasts of Africa.
Q: How will technology change exploration and production in the next decade? What piece of technology will prove most transformational?
A: I would like to suggest that the cloud computing and big data will boost oil and gas technology transformation in the coming years. For the improvement of the social environment of African countries, innovative technology which facilitates the affordable use of natural gas will transform the whole of Africa.
Q: Are you optimistic about the next year in African oil and gas? If so/if not, why?
A: The glut of the oil and gas market will impact the exploitation of many greenfield projects; however, the revitalization of brownfields should be able to sustain oil and gas activities in Africa.
Questions? Comments? Get in touch at info.africa@hyve.group. Watch this space for further announcements about the AOW 2020 Programme!

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