60 Seconds with Megge Joiner

The Geologist, Founder and BD Manager will be speaking at AOW 2020.

Currently BD Manager at Joiner Consultants LTD, Megge Joiner has a BSc in Geology from Keele University and an MSc in Petroleum Geosciences from the University of Manchester, as well as over 15 years’ experience specialising in sedimentology, petrography, tight reservoir interpretation and core and log analyis. Originally a geologist, she went on to obtain extensive experience as a Regional/Global Business Development Manager for Core Lab in the UK and Chemostrat in Perth, Australia. She started Joiner Consultants Ltd in 2006 and has been building the company through integrated single-well or multi-well studies. She has also run training courses for a number of NOCs in petrography and rock typing.

We’re delighted to share that Megge will be joining AOW 2020 as a speaker in the Exploration Technology Forum!

 Q: Why should people come and see you speak at AOW 2020?
A: To get an overview on rock typing through the prediction of petrophysical parameters utilising petrographic methods. For the uninitiated, rock-typing (RT) is utilized in the oil industry to provide analogue petrophysical characterization of cuttings and other rock material (i.e. outcrop samples) in uncored reservoir intervals, where no CA data is available.
Q: What is this year’s most exciting African oil and gas story?
A: Senegal-Mauritania (MSGBC basin) is a very hot area (or was before the virus hit), but there hasn’t been much new exploration success.  Woodside/Cairn went to FID on the Sangomar field (~500 MMBO + gas) and BP/Kosmos have gone to FID on their gas project. BP has subsequently put the project on hold until the country re-opens. Total has drilled 2-3 exploration wells off Mauritania and Senegal without success, but Shell and Exxon are getting active. So, in short, the MSGBC basin is what I would be watching this year.
Q: What piece of technology will prove most transformational in exploration in the next decade?
A: I think the answer has got to be AI and Machine Learning, or perhaps 3D Rock evaluation directly onsite.
Questions? Comments? Get in touch at info.africa@hyve.group. Watch this space for further announcements about the AOW 2020 Programme!

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