60 Seconds with Mr Zhang Ying

Huawei's Director of Energy Business is confirmed to speak at AOW 2020

Mr Zhang Ying is Director of Energy Business – South Africa at Huawei. He will be speaking in the Technology Showcase at Africa Oil Week 2020 in a session titled "Leading new ICT for better safety and efficiency in the oil and gas industry". 

Q: Why should people come and see you speak at AOW 2020? 
A: Under the current situation of low oil prices and the COVID-19 epidemic, more oil and gas companies are paying attention to digital transformation, as it can reduce cost and increase efficiency. ICT is the core infrastructure of digital transformation. As a leading ICT solution provider, I will represent Huawei to share some success stories we've experienced in the oil and gas industry, e.g. how high-performance computing can improve the efficiency of digital exploration, how digital oil fields can be achieved on ubiquitous wireless technology, and how AI based video surveillance can be used to monitor the full-process oil depot to achieve transparency. 
Q: How will technology change OFS in the next decade? What piece of technology will prove most transformational?
A: 5G, AI and big data are now part of our lives, they are already being applied in a lot of industries e.g. the power industry, manufacturing industry and mining industry. I believe they will also change the oil and gas industry. For example, 5G with low latency and big capacity will enable more and more IoT applications in the oil field, pipeline and refinery. AI based video surveillance will enable production security in oil fields, oil depots, as well as improving management transparency.
Q: Are you optimistic about the next year in African oil and gas? If so/if not, why? 
A: Because of the impact of the coronavirus, 2020 is a very challenging year for the global oil and gas industry, and Africa is no exception. There is a high probability that the economy will recover next year, and the demand for oil and natural gas is believed to resume growth, and the African oil and gas industry is ushering in a new starting point for development.