Drone Technology 101

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Africa Oil Week is delighted to be working with TOP Energy Training on our “101” series to share instructive videos covering a multitude of technical areas across the upstream. Follow Top Energy Training

Their flagship programme, TOPCORP, is a comprehensive, practical training programme based on scientific principles. It’s designed for state and federal regulators, field inspectors and policy makers to better understand the technologies employed in conventional and shale oil and gas field operations.  There is no other forum or system which provides this information to oil and gas regulators and inspectors, enabling them to learn and connect with their peers. TOPCORP is designed and led by scientists from The University of Texas at Austin, Penn State University, and the Colorado School of Mines, and it is provided free of charge courtesy of funding from partners: ExxonMobil Foundation, BHGE, the Environmental Defense Fund, The Mitchell Foundation, Apache, Chevron, Noble, Encana, Oxy, Seneca, and the American Petroleum Institute.

Drone Technology
Next in our series, we look at the rapidly expanding use of unmanned drone aircraft in the upstream and midstream oil and gas industry.  Drones are being used by both operators and regulators to assist in drill site selection, pad construction, leak detection, damage assessment, land reclamation, and compliance.  This technology could have application across the African continent with particular use in remote locations such as deserts, jungles, offshore, and challenging topographies.  In this webinar conducted by the North Dakota Mineral Resources Oil and Gas Division, you will see how drones are being used to cut costs, increase efficiency, and improve safety.  This provides an excellent case study in how one agency has utilized this tool while developing best practices.  While watching this video, envision how this evolving technology could be used globally.

This online webinar was originally presented by TOPCORP to program participants on March 2, 2020.    

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