C & C Reservoirs

CTICC 2 E42 Exhibitor

C & C Reservoirs
C&C Reservoirs provides insight and intelligence for E&P decision-making through its global field and reservoir knowledge base, pioneering classification scheme and a set of powerful analytics tools. Using C&C Reservoirs’ analytics and intelligence, geoscientists, reservoir engineers and portfolio managers will be able to quickly and efficiently expand their own experiences and be more creative, all at their fingertips.
We add value through Idea generation, Benchmarking, Characterization, Calibration and Validation.
  • Generating new exploration ideas in old areas or identifying the most likely plays in frontier areas
  • Characterizing analogous reservoirs to reveal new trends and insight
  • Benchmarking users’ assets against global analogs to discover critical issues and learn the best practices of the top performers
  • Calibrating subsurface uncertainty and production performance to support resource assessment and reserves booking
  • Validating play concepts or development scenarios to give greater confidence in the validity of a play or viability of a field development plan

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