CPC Corporation, Taiwan

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CPC Corporation, Taiwan
The former CPC Corporation, Taiwan (CPC) was established in Shanghai on June 1, 1946, later moved to Taiwan in 1949. As a state-owned enterprise, CPC’s mission is to lead Taiwan’s energy sector on sustainability. For the past seventy-three years CPC has fulfilled that commitment by taking responsibility for developing diligently energy resources and supplying consistently petroleum products for domestic use.
CPC has been investing in global hydrocarbon exploration and production for half century with footprints in twenty-four countries, eight being in Africa. Currently CPC has one development/production project in Niger and one exploration/development project in Chad. The first oil of the Chadian project is expected before the end of 2019. CPC, the operator of this project, leads the consortium in good workmanship and continuously contributes to the local welfare, including community development, medical missions etc. in order to make the most out of the natural resources bestowed upon Chad.

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