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Founded in 2007, Eliis is an international software provider in seismic interpretation for oil and gas industry. Through its experience in seismic imaging, geosciences and computer skills, Eliis has developed PaleoScan™, a new generation software that optimizes drastically seismic interpretation process.

PaleoScan™ is a new generation of seismic interpretation software which combines innovative technology and intuitive design to drastically reduce the interpretation time cycle and rapidly enhance geological understanding. Thanks to an innovative approach based on a global method, PaleoScan™ allows the creation of a geological time model directly from a seismic volume. PaleoScan™ has been used successfully within a variety of geological settings worldwide. From basin-scale reconnaissance to production, PaleoScan™ is proven to be a powerful tool in the E&P decision making process. PaleoScan™ 2019 includes innovative new automatic fault extraction tools based on industry leading research and development.

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