GII - Seismic

CTICC 2 C23 Exhibitor

GII - Seismic
The GII - top-tier geophysical services. With over 62 years of experience in complex acquisition, processing, interpretation and R&D - we bring you the best in onshore geophysics. Providing a full seismic package: from design to interpretation, 3D, 2D, cabled and nodes, at the highest HSE, Community and Quality standards. As explorers, we understand you need actionable quality data through a flexible, fast and accurate process. Contact us to have our experts tailor your integrated geophysical exploration program with the best technology available. Be it Seismic, Micro-Seismic, Magnetics, Gravimetric or Electro-Magnetic – we have you covered. Led by the top industry professionals, our state-of-the-art equipment, software and computing power are completely integrated with the local workforce and leveraged to bring you the best results possible. Join the success of our clients around Africa who have chosen us for urban, forest, marsh and desert programs. 

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