Katalyst Data Management

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Katalyst Data Management
Katalyst Data Management provides an integrated full life cycle data management service for all of your subsurface assets: seismic, well, projects, plus all supporting data and information.
The primary solutions are iGlass, a web-based GIS portal data repository delivering organized and validated subsurface data in a secure cloud storage, and SeismicZone.com, an e-brokerage site for seismic data. Our iGlass database has been certified as PPDM Gold Compliant and now manages over 40 petabytes of customer subsurface data.
Data can be secured at any of our global data centers in London, Houston, Calgary, Perth and Kuala Lumpur, or private cloud. Katalyst is equipped to index and transcribe any type of legacy and current data format and media. With over 40 years of experience, Katalyst has consistently been able to handle the complexities of data management at a lower and sustainable cost structure than traditional methods.  

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