African Local Content Forum

Wednesday 6th November

The African Local Content Forum drives strategic conversations which help advance socio-economic development across the continent. 

Key discussion topics include

  • Ethics and transparency: What are the distortions caused by local content requirements from both a government and supplier perspective. What can be done to mitigate these risks?

  • What can be done to ensure local content policies and programs are providing workers with the skills they need to succeed?

  • Issues in delivering on local content from the perspective of international, regional and domestic suppliers. What does and doesn’t work to elicit the good behavior?

  • What aspects of local content deliver the most value and how do we measure this? What data and market intelligence are needed?

Who should attend?

  • Members of the global private sector wanting to support in the development of the African upstream

  • NOCs wanting to form new and sustainable partnerships with Operators

  • Local suppliers keen to discover how they can be included in the next wave of tenders, projects and contracts

  • Independents and service providers wanting to work with governments to shape and support the development of robust local content policy that will create stronger local private sectors, employment and capacity.

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