Maximising Africa's Natural Resources in the Global Energy Transition

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Exploration Sector Best Practice Blueprint Report

Exploration Sector: Best Practice Buleprint Report

The blueprint has been developed to highlight the business models and practices that can help host governments, Exploration and Production (E&P) companies and the geoscience industry work in partnership to deliver cutting edge data that can unlock resource potential.

Power List 2022

Power List 2022: Pan-African Female Leaders in Energy

This list has been carefully curated by Africa Oil Week and Lean in Equity & Sustainability to celebrate 50 inspiring women working and motivating others across the African energy sector.

Angola: Country Overview Output

Angola’s oil and gas exploration has propelled them to the top and with the new wave of FPSO projects progressing well they are here to stay. This report produced in partnership with Welligence highlights Angola’s exploration outlook and the rise of independents.

Namibia: Country Overview Output

Namibia’s commitment to oil and gas exploration has propelled the southern African country into the potential big league. The discoveries of two giant oil deposits in the Orange Basin off its coast could be a game-changer. This report produced in partnership with Welligence highlights Namibia’s exploration outlook and what we can expect with the recent Orange Basin discovery hype.

Côte d’Ivoire: Country Overview Output

Côte d’Ivoire (CIV) is one of West Africa’s smallest oil-producers. Output started in 1982 when Espoir was brought onstream. Since then, three additional developments have come online. These projects are mature and in decline, so Eni’s world-class Baleine discovery in 2021 was most welcome. This report produced in partnership with Welligence highlights Côte d’Ivoire (CIV)'s production outlook and what we can expect with the recent Baleine discovery hype.

Equatorial Guinea: Country Overview

Equatorial Guinea is the fifth largest oil and gas producer in West Africa. The country has a well-developed gas sector, producing LNG, methanol and generating power, but supply is falling. Since 2010 production has been in decline, and the pipeline of future development opportunities is limited. To ensure the success of EG's upstream future, exploration will be an important factor in this growth. This report produced in partnership with Welligence will highlight this along with potential acquisition opportunities. 

Nigeria: Country Overview Offshore

Nigeria's first onshore and offshore fields were brought onstream in 1958 and 1965. Now the country is known as Sub-Saharan Africa's largest oil and gas producer, where offshore production currently accounts for around two-thirds of total output. This report produced in partnership with Welligence highlights Nigeria's production outlook and what we can expect with the recent Petroleum Industry Act.

Southern African Energy Outlook

The energy transition represents significant opportunities and risks for the southern African region. The success of this depends on two key uncertainties; the pace and extent of advance in renewable and storage technology globally and the degree of regional policy, trade and infrastructure integration. There is known to be a lack of studies focusing on the energy transition in southern Africa, but this report supplied by Africa Oil Week event partner Africa International Advisors will provide some insights and scenarios into this future outlook. 

Upstream Offshore Spend Market Report

Volatile markets can have an adverse effect on operators, especially when purchasing products and services off contract. This report is produced in partnership with Power Advocate and highlights forecast market trends and so much more.

SSA Upstream M&A: What could be sold?

As the energy transition pushes ahead and operators restructure their portfolios, more and more assets will come to the market. Gain an exclusive look into this report that was produced in partnership with Wood Mackenzie.

Capex and Opex Cost Trends

Oil and gas upstream market outlook: Capex and Opex Cost Trends in EMEA with a focus on Africa. 
In this report, we provide cost forecasts for key Capex categories including OCTG, onshore & offshore drilling rigs, and Opex categories including production chemicals and compression services across Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), and share a market cost outlook for Africa specifically during March 2021 to February 2022 vs. the last 12 months.

SSA's Upstream: 2020 in review

It’s no secret that 2020 was a difficult year for Sub-Saharan Africa’s upstream sector– though significant discoveries in the continent’s south proved a silver lining. Gain an executive overview of the highs and the lows in this report produced in partnership with Wood Mackenzie.

SSA's Gas Opportunity

This brand-new report covers regulatory frameworks, governance, upstream pricing, state participation and more to uncover which African countries are poised to take full advantage of their gas resources, and which still have ground left to cover.

SOMALIA: A Deep Dive into Above Ground Risk

Regarded as one of the final global frontier regions for oil and gas exploration, it’s no secret that Somalia’s 7 offshore block openings come with risks. This report produced in partnership with Castor Vali, provides a detailed look into the insurgents, election standoffs and minefields of Somalia.

Global Business Reports: Africa Oil & Gas 2020

This year, the COVID-19 pandemic caused the International Energy Agency to announce that oil demand would fall to its lowest rate in almost a decade. The crisis has changed how producing countries across Africa view their oil industries; in mature markets diversification is the mantra, while newcomers like Mozambique are keen to explore the industry’s potential. This report, from Global Business Reports, explores what's next for African oil and gas. 

A Major Transition for Sub-Saharan Africa?

Sub-Saharan Africa has for decades been a cornerstone for the Majors’ portfolios but that could be changing as they position themselves for the energy transition. Download this report produced in partnership with Wood Mackenzie, to explore their production change over the next 10 years, environmental considerations, which assets could be at risk and potential buyers.

Ethiopia on the Cusp

One of the fastest growing economies in the world, with a population of over 100 million, Ethiopia has a growing critical need for power supplies. While some power is supplied by hydropower, the rest is dependent on imported coal and oil. The Ethiopian Ministry of Mines is keen to welcome more oil and gas exploration and investment into the country and is currently updating its petroleum legislation to make it more investor friendly. This insight, written by GeoExPro Editor-in-Chief Jane Whaley, can be downloaded here for free. 

African Long-Term Oil Demand

Wood Mackenzie recently revised their African long-term oil demand outlook upward, with growth potential revisited in light of the continent's expanding young population and economic growth. This report explores potential future hydrocarbon demand on the continent in detail, covering industrialisation, power generation, motorisation, airline travel and more.

After the Crash Global Report

Produced in partnership with Wood Mackenzie, this report explores: development capex, production, valuation, returns on pre-production projects and cash flow in the the global hydrocarbon sector since the latest oil price crash. 

After the Crash Africa Report

Produced in partnership with Wood Mackenzie, this report explores: development capex, production, valuation, returns on pre-production projects and cash flow in the the African oil and gas sector since the latest oil price crash. 

Global Energy Transition Report

Produced in partnership with Wood Mackenzie, "Opportunities for Africa in the Global Energy Transition" poses the question "what does the global energy transition mean for Africa?".

Topics covered include: Africa's position as a hydrocarbon exporter, net zero goals, electrification and new technology deployments. 

Local Content in Sub-Saharan Africa eBook

Available to download for free, this eBook contains interviews with top African oil and gas decision-makers from:

  • Governments
  • Operators
  • Service-providers
  • Industry associations 

AOWomen eBook

Available to download for free, this eBook highlights the progress and potential of advancing the diversity agenda in African oil & gas. It includes:

  • Interviews with industry leaders
  • Results of the Africa Oil Week student diversity survey
  • Takeaways from AOWomen at AOW 2019 

SSA: 5 Things to Look For in 2020

This complimentary insight document takes you through 5 things to look for in SSA's upstream in 2020. It covers:
  • Exploration
  • FIDs
  • Capital spend
  • M&A
  • Fiscal - Nigeria's new petroleum bill

Ministerial & VIP Symposium Summary Report

The inaugural Africa Oil Week Ministerial & VIP Symposium took place during AOW's 26th edition. With 182 VIP participants, the Symposium looks to spearhead development in  the African oil, gas and energy sectors, promoting jobs, prosperity, and workforce development by driving investment.

Our partners at Deloitte have kindly compiled this summary report. Download it to find out what was discussed behind closed doors. 

Local Content Webinar

In this webinar, three expert participants from Shell, Wood Mackenzie and the Commonwealth Secretariat ask the question, "can local content thrive in a lower-cost upstream industry?".

The below report is intended as a partner resource. 

Local Content Report

This report, produced in collaboration with our expert partners at Wood Mackenzie, offers a great overview of how local conent, once at emerging trend in Africa, has grown to become the established norm. 

Africa's Gas Boom Report

This report, produced by Africa Oil Week and Wood Mackenzie asks the following:

  • How can Africa’s gas export boom facilitate domestic market development?
  • Why and how should international companies get involved?
  • Case studies of success stories in domestic market development of gas.

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