National Showcase Theatre

Tuesday 4th November: South Africa Showcase

Wednesday 5th – Thursday 6th November: Bidding Rounds and National Roadshows

Explore the national hydrocarbon sector of over 16 African countries. Ministers, NOCs, Geologists and Regulators will together present their country’s prospects, exploration history, fiscal terms and geology in a bid to attract your projects, partnerships and investment.

Don’t miss showcases from:

Burkina Faso Central African Republic  Chad Gambia
Ghana Guinea-Bissau Guinea Liberia
Morocco Mozambique Republic of the Congo Senegal
Sierro Leone Uganda    

Live Bidding Rounds

Be the very first to hear about brand new block openings that will be launched at AOW. The exclusive bidding rounds will give you comprehensive guide in order to make a successful bid.
To enquire about how your country’s hydrocarbon sector could be showcased, please contact Paul Sinclair:

NEW South Africa Showcase

The National Showcase Theatre will begin with a whole day dedicated to the South African energy market.

Find out more about what’s planned, including special day rates for South African residents.