Registration Hours

Planning your arrival to AOW

Registration is open at the following times for you to collect your badge
Monday 8th November VIP Only 08:00 12:00
Monday 8th November All delegates 12:00 19:00
Tuesday 9th November All delegates 07:30 18:00
Wednesday 10th November All delegates 08:00 18:00
Thursday 11th November All delegates 08:00 15:00

Important registration information

  • All delegates must collect their own badge and you cannot collect another person's badge
  • All delegates must be pre-registered before joining us onsite
  • Outstanding Fees: All fees must be paid in full before a badge is printed and entrance to the event is permitted.speed up your entry to the event we advise you make payment before your arrival. Please contact if you would like to make a payment.
  • Substitutions: You are able to substitute a delegate at the registration desks with written evidence that the substitution has been authorised by the delegate who can no longer attend.
  • Badge Reprints: To protect the integrity of the event please note there is a strict no badge reprint policy in place. Please be advised that if your badge is lost, misplaced, stolen or left in the hotel room a replacement badge will not be issued without proof of ID or the purchase of a new badge at the current onsite rate.

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