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Here are what some of Africa Oil Week attendees have to say about the event.


“Africa Oil Week offers private sectors number of things. Number one of course is the networking, the opportunities to exchange ideas, it’s also opportunities to collaborate and then there’s the platform especially the panel session. Which is where you get to hear what is happening in other countries and you can think of how to translate that to your country and company in particular. Overall, I think it’s really important that in Africa that we begin to speak one and another and we begin to exchange ideas and shape, not just countries solutions but regions solutions and you can extend that to an Africa wide solution. So, I think it’s really great value and benefits…”

Eberechukwi Oji, CEO, ND Western


“The Africa Oil Week conference is a great platform for private sector participants in the industry, to network and meet other players in the industry. It also provides a platform for private companies to meet the industry regulators and government in other countries, because it is important for companies in Africa to find ways to do businesses among themselves. So, I think it’s a meeting point for all the stakeholders in the Oil and Gas industry. It also promotes more private public sectors pacification.”

Eze Dan-Ekeh, Senior Commercial Analyst, Niger Delta


“We have all missed Africa Oil Week, holding back here in Cape Town. It’s a welcome opportunity to meet up again with colleagues and other business associates, to catch up on where the industry is and the future outcome for our industry. This are really interesting times with the world going through energy transition. It’s an appropriate platform for engagement particularly with the position of Africa, in regards to what Africa should be preparing and engaging with transition strategy…”

Abdulrazaq Isa, Chairman, IPPG


“I think the networking has been fantastic, also fantastic discussion and sessions, which we have attended. I think the networking has been good, coming together, meeting people without the mask, without restriction on how we move and just engaging with the community again. It has been fantastic and helpful for us, as we craft our own path this year”

Ademola Adefarasin, Head of Treasury, FIRST E&P


“I think it’s the opportunities to hear what the government of each of the Africa Countries are concern with and what their opportunities are and the challenges and how service companies can best support the development of the resource.”

Earl Childress III, Chief Commercial Officer, Oceaneering


“There’s a clear programme of events and the variety of players, key stakeholders, Partcipants that come here allows you to network. I think it’s one of the best networking events. You got the banks, Oil and Gas companies, Governments, service companies and entrepreneurs here. The biggest one, very good program of events you learn and listen. Companies could showcase their big achievement, but I think for me it’s just the networking, getting to meet people you haven’t seen in a long time.”

Ademola Adeyemi-Bero, Managing Director First E&P


“Africa Oil Week is really the only place to be if you want to connect with industry and government leadership from across Africa. At the US department of energy, we have been coming to Africa Oil Week, obviously Covid, with Covid we didn’t come recently but over the years we have had a presence here. It’s actually kind of a focus point of our international engagement with Africa countries.”

Brad Crabtree, Assistant Secretary of Energy, USA


“Everything…It has been a great week you know diverse topics, wonderful interactions, the organisation have been exceptionally spectacular nothing more to ask.”

Abdoulie Jobe, Minister for Petroleum & Energy, The Gambia

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