Travel Exemption Permits for Nigerian Delegates attending Africa Oil Week 2021 in Dubai, UAE

Nigerian attendees can apply for exclusive travel exemption permits to attend Africa Oil Week.

Deadline for applications: Sunday 24th October 2021.

What does it mean?

Africa Oil Week has partnered with the Dubai Department of Tourism and Commerce (DTCM) to facilitate travel exemption permits for Nigerian delegates, permitting travel between Nigeria and Dubai for delegates to attend Africa Oil Week.

How does this work?

  • This is only valid on Emirates Airlines
  • As there are currently no direct Emirates flights between Nigeria and Dubai, Nigerian attendees will be required to fly via a stopover destination where they will then board a direct Emirates flight to Dubai to attend Africa Oil Week.
    • For example, Nigeria to Cairo, then Cairo to Dubai
  • Nigerian attendees will need to book 2x separate tickets – one to your stopover destination and one to Dubai.
  • Once you land in your stopover destination, you will need to collect your luggage and then re-check-in for your flight to Dubai
  • Attendees must adhere to all other travel and airline requirements, such as a valid visa as well as a negative Covid-19 PCR test where required.
  • Please note – travel exemption permits are only needed for delegates who have been in Nigeria in the last 14 days before coming to Dubai. So, if a Nigerian citizen travels to Dubai from London, where he lives or has stayed for more than 14 days, then no travel exemption permit is needed. However, regular visa, travel and airline requirements will still be necessary.
How do I get a travel expemtion permit?
  • Delegates are required to complete the following process:
    For any further questions, please contact a member of the team on 
    • Register and pay for their pass to attend Africa Oil Week online here.
    • Once registered, email and request a Nigerian Travel Permit application
    • We will then send you a link to submit the following information:
      • Travel information – Origin city, stopover location, date(s) of travel, airline (Emirates only), ticket number (for each flight) and copy of airline ticket (for each flight)
      • Passport information – passport number and copy of passport
      • Visa information – a copy of VISA (if required)
    • Once received, this information will be sent to DTCM. They will then share the details with Dubai Police and Emirates for approval. 
    • Applications need to be completed by the latest of Sunday 24th October 2021.

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