SNPC Congo

SNPC Congo
The Société Nationale des Pétroles du Congo (SNPC) is a Congolese public company created by Law 001-98 of April 23, 1998.
The SNPC is a public establishment of an industrial and commercial nature endowed with legal personality and financial autonomy. Its capital is 260 807 564 USD.
Led by Mr. Maixent Raoul OMINGA, Managing Director since March 2018, SNPC is the operator and holds interests in several research and production permits.
Formed as a Group, it has six proactive subsidiaries (SONAREP, ILOGS, SFP, CORAF, SNPC D, SNPC TRADING), whose areas of activity cover the entire value chain from upstream to downstream oil.
The SNPC is a major and essential actor in the Congolese oil sector. In fact, it is the technical tool of the State, keeper of the database of the oil industry of Congo. This central role has been further reinforced by the 2016 Hydrocarbons Code, which gives it ownership of all exploration and exploitation permits. 

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