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C&C Reservoirs Ltd

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C&C Reservoirs Ltd
At its inception, C&C Reservoirs had a vision to help the E&P industry improve their decision quality, driving value across the E&P lifecycle by leveraging knowledge from the world’s most important fields and reservoirs. C&C Reservoirs is demonstrably the market leader in analogue intelligence for upstream subsurface applications. Our product DAKS™ provides the opportunity to expand your teams’ experience using insights and intelligence derived from global analogues.
C&C Reservoirs’ Digital Analogue Knowledge System (DAKS™) is a secure, cloud-based, asset-centered, knowledge platform designed to improve decision quality and drive value throughout the E&P lifecycle. DAKS provides in-depth analysis and systematic documentation of the world’s most important fields and reservoirs. These account for more than 70% of global conventional recoverable reserves and demonstrate the best practices and lessons learned from the global E&P activities of the past century. DAKS gives users unparalleled access to a vast amount of knowledge. This gives geoscientists and engineers confidence that their ideas are grounded in reality, allowing them to make better decisions across the entire E&P lifecycle.

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