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Danvic Safety Solutions International Limited

CTICC2 A62 Exhibitor

Danvic Safety Solutions International Limited
Danvic Safety Solutions International Limited, is a company with specialty in the supply of premium world class Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and Safety Solutions Provider. We are offering the highest level of quality complying to the highest international safety standards in the world. Our goal is to protect lives via supply of world class products and services.
Danvic Safety  is  supported by world-renowned Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) -
1.    Red wings - Toe protection and coveralls.
2.    UVEX - Head to Toe protection, 
3.    JSP -Above-the-Neck protection, 
4.    SAMS - Full Head to Toe, 
5.    Granberg Gloves - Hand protection, 
6.    Eagle Technical product - Fire protection equipment. 
7.    Tuffking - Safety foot wear.
8.    Portwest- Full head to toe.
9.    Naffco _ Fire Trucks and Training

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