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Envoi Limited

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Envoi Limited
Envoi is a specialist independent acquisition & divestment (A&D) advisory group based in London, established to assist upstream oil and gas companies, NOC’s and investment groups to manage their international exploration & production (E&P) portfolios and Licence Rounds. Services include:
  • Advisory: review and assessment of international projects with advice on valuation & risk management
  • Divestment: marketing, management and coordination of upstream asset sales and Licence Rounds, using Envoi’s unique technical and commercially driven approach. Envoi organises and manages farmouts, including physical and virtual datarooms, helping our clients identify new partners for exploration, appraisal and development assets and also organising and managing Licence Rounds using its extensive global contact network.
  • Acquisition: an ‘eyes and ears’ service to help clients identify new international opportunities through Envoi’s global reach.

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