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Rock Flow Dynamics

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Rock Flow Dynamics
Rock Flow Dynamics flagship product tNavigator is a state-of-the-art reservoir modelling and simulation platform, offering a wide range of advanced innovative tools for geoscience, reservoir and production engineering disciplines. Integration is at the heart of our technology; we believe that by keeping data and knowledge in a single platform, performance and efficiency is increased, allowing you to undertake a deeper analysis of your field and make more informed, confident decisions.
tNavigator is the first software on the market to dynamically combine an interactive 3D graphical user interface and parallel supercomputing engine, allowing the user to create workflows from reservoir static and dynamic modelling to surface networks and uncertainty quantification in one platform. The interactive controls and synchronised graphical user interface also make migration simple, with embedded convertors ensuring compatibility with industry standard data input formats and syntax.  tNavigator’s development is continuous, defined by our users’ needs and the latest industry trends. We offer an experienced team of over 200 specialists in software support and development, 24/7 client support and 4 major updates to our technology every year.

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