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Company profile: Searcher Seismic is an innovative multi-client company providing high quality, non-exclusive seismic datasets and geoscience projects to the global energy and resource industry.
Searcher Seismic provides software solutions; sAIsmic, GeoClerk and Seisintel as well as consultancy services from Discover Geoscience.
sAIsmic is a transformative cloud-based service that provides global seismic data on-demand with native support for deep learning and advanced analytics.
GeoClerk is a web-based platform that utilises machine learning to source industry related imagery and link back to its source documents.
Seisintel captures 2D & 3D seismic projects being acquired and allows survey navigation to stream directly from vessels to your desktop, in real-time.
Discover Geoscience is a petroleum subsurface consultancy which provides expert subsurface assistance to the global energy industry through its G&G team of highly experienced geoscientists.

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