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voestalpine Tubulars

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voestalpine Tubulars
voestalpineTubulars produces seamless steel pipes for the drilling and completion of both conventional and unconventional (e.g. shale gas) oil and gas wells, available in API or proprietary grades (e.g.  13Cr, sour service or other VA Series), with API or proprietary thread connections (VAGT®, VAsuperior®, VAroughneck®, VAtitan®, VAwizard®, VAF), also available with DryTec® - the dope free thread coating for premium connections. The rapid progress of technologies in oil and gas drilling creates a greater challenge for thread connections and mechanical properties (steel grades). voestalpine Tubulars is able to perform all the important tests for quality and further development of oil and gas pipes at its own testing facilities.

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