Maximising Africa's Natural Resources in the Global Energy Transition

Maria Flouda

Board Member & Sustainability Lead Lean In Equity & Sustainability

Maria is a passionate Sustainability and Women’s Equality advocate. Solopreneur and Founder of “Sustainability Switch Consultancy“ which helps organisations drive their Sustainability Agenda in line with UN SDGs and Board Member and Sustainability Chair for the Non Profit Organization “ Lean In Equity and Sustainability” with a mission to empower women in the energy transition.

Maria holds Sustainability Credentials from Cambridge University (CISL) and a Master’s and Bachelor’s Degree in Civil Engineering.

Maria has 22 years of experience in Corporate Strategy and Project operations for significant large-scale Projects and Government Initiatives. Expert knowledge in the development, implementation and performance monitoring of companywide process workflow framework inclusive of Environmental, Social and Governance objectives.

Maria started her career in Civil Engineering in the UK, then moved to Greece, participated in large-scale infrastructure projects, and in Abu Dhabi for the past 15 years, where she worked with international Consultants and the most prominent Government Public Asset Development Organization in Abu Dhabi.

Having worked internationally, Maria encountered challenges being a female Engineer and a leader in the construction industry. During her tenure in UAE, Maria always engaged with young women Engineers and enjoyed supporting them and empowering them in the workplace, always supporting equality and respect.

Maria is a member of the “Empowering Growth Working Group” of the Climate Council for 2022.


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