Maximising Africa's Natural Resources in the Global Energy Transition

2023 Ministers & Government

Strongest presence of Ministers and Government officials

Africa Oil Week brings ministers from all over Africa as they come together to address the industry and set out the future direction of the African Upstream.

As we look forward to AOW 2023 this 9-13 October, discover more about the minsters and government who attended last year, our ministerial symposium, and how you can be part of the discussion as we come together to maximise Africa's natural resources in the global energy transition.


A snapshot of the Ministerial Symposium 


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Meet the Ministers that attend Africa Oil Week

Minister of Mines and Mineral Resources
Republic of Sierra Leone

Minister of Energy & Mineral Development
Republic of Uganda

Minister of Petroleum and Energy
Republic of Senegal

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Official Invitation and complimentary pass to attend Africa Oil Week 2023

Invite to the Ministerial Symposium, Monday 9th October 2023

Opportunity to have face to face meetings with industry, investors and governments.

Official Briefing Document shared with each Minister to highlight core activities and timings at the event

Speaking opportunities to be discussed and offered in line with the governments and programmes objectives

Use of the Africa Oil Week PR team to arrange press briefing

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